The Code Crew

doing what we love... day after day.

As soon as you talk with Brook Paquette, , you'll understand why our clients enjoy working with her.

Brook's creative mind and technical understanding reinforce her ability to efficiently and joyfully guide you through your project from start to finish, on time and within budget. She takes care of every last detail, even ones you don't know about, so you can focus on running your business.

She began her award winning design career at Iowa State University where she earned a B.F.A. in Graphic Design. Initially working for a large advertising firm, Brook later decided to strike out on her own, creating a successful freelance career.

Brook's playful nature and dedication to customer satisfaction results in long-term relationships and abundant referrals.
Known as the "Code Wizard", David Brown has a flair for choosing just the right technology to fit each client's needs, and for creating streamlined, efficient source code.

With a degree in Physics from Georgia Tech and having authored two successful software applications for educators, David's programming expertise extends far beyond the Internet. There's virtually no computer problem that our hero can't provide a solution for!

Possessing an abiding passion for computers and a work ethic second to none, you can be assured David is always on the job and loving every minute of it.
Designer Linda Brown has an incomparable ability for creating websites that are as stylish as they are functional. Each website Linda creates has a unique appearance, intuitive navigation and smartly displayed content–– cleverly designed with the intention of generating memorable user experiences.

A self-taught pro, Linda has made a splash in the deep end of the design pool for years, along the way gathering awards, winning client praise and entertaining legions of web surfers who love to visit her sites.

Constantly pushing herself to stay 'outside the box' graphically, Linda delivers innovative designs from the comfort of her home office where she enjoys a breathtaking scenic view.
Multimedia specialist Kevin Agosta (K.A.) creates immersive online experiences. From flash based programming to fast paced video editing K.A. can get it done!

With a degree in Graphic Design and Multimedia K.A. has created award winning CD ROMS, E-Learning apps, trade show videos and much more. It is clear throughout Kevin's impressive multimedia portfolio that he takes great pride in his work.

K.A. is passionate about his work and is always exploring the latest trends in multimedia and video. He is also a drummer with lots of recording studio experience which he draws on when creating unique and engaging multimedia content.
Salesman extraordinaire and entrepreneur, Greg Paquette is known for his everlasting optimism, inexhaustible determination, and solid integrity.

Joining The Code Crew in April 2013, he catapulted sales by 312% in only 5 months, selling our Member and Event Management software application, ChapterPRO.

Greg’s insatiable drive has kept him busy developing a wide variety of companies over the years: long distance re-selling, Internet hosting and website development, online retail, all-electric short-ride transportation and real estate development. His skill set covers a lot of ground–suffice it to say there’s no task he won’t tackle, and always with gusto.